The Five Love Languages of Your Children


Gary Chapman – The Five Love Languages of Your Children


Overcoming My Ink Monster

WordsToday I want to take a look at some common similes. These are similes that we probably use on a daily basis and don’t even think about the fact that they are similes because they have become so cliche. However, cliche can actually be fun sometimes!

Cliche Simile #1: Cute as a kitten. This simile always strikes me as funny because there are some people in the world who don’t find kittens cute at all. Take a look this Oatmeal comic. There are some definite concerns there about the stability of the feline mind.

Cliche Simile #2: Happy as a clam. At what point did anyone ever determine the happiness of a clam? Is that even possible?

Cliche Simile #3: Snug as a bug in a rug. This one is just silly (or asinine if you looked at the latest WWW post). No bug is going to be snug in…

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